About us

I was inspired to take up CNC machining by watching videos from John Grimsmo as he started down the path of making high quality pocket knives. Watching him try new things and boot strap himself showed me that that even someone in a small garage can do awesome work. It's so amazing to have watched him grow into what he is today.

I never realized that there was an entire community of knife customizers on Instagram

I saw the potential in the PM2 when I saw the amazing work from Aramis Akhemdov displayed on Doctor Frunkey's Instagram page. His carbon fiber PM2 scales took the mild PM2 to a whole new level along with Doctor Frunkey's great color choices for anodized hardware. I saw that the PM2 could be a really cool knife with just the right scales and hardware.

That's when I started thinking that maybe I could make some really cool titanium scales for the PM2.

There have been so many others that have inspired me. Joe and Angey Holt showed me how important good customer service is along with amazing milling work and finishing work. Their work is top notch and their customer service is the best.

I've spent hundreds of hours watching John Saunders's videos. Not only are his videos instructional he is also inspirational. Showing how he approaches problems and gets the results he wants.

So now I can finally offer my PM2 scales to you.

I wanted to make a scale that feels like they are from a $1,000 custom knife but for a fraction of that price. My dream was to have the CNC machine do all the work with no, or very little manual finishing work.

The current scales are directly off the mill with only the back edge of the lock cutout being hit with a Scotch-Brite wheel for about 3 seconds. That's it. Every line, every groove, every contour is finished by the machine.

Because the scales are not tumbled or blasted the edges and surfaces have a much different feeling. The scales have a more "alive" feeling to me. It takes extra work to get the tool paths perfect but I love the way they come out. It's satisfying to see the CNC machine mill the same part over and over without my interaction. That's what I wanted. I hope this translates to a more affordable and high quality product.


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